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So erm...

Alrighty then. The mandatory stuff, eh? 

In a nutshell, I am:

weird. unique. crazy. sane. outspoken. keeps things to herself. bookaholic. closet-politician. crass. class. music maniac. smiles to herself all the time. obsessed with cooking, eating and the food and beverage industry. smokes way too much and has a semi-permanent coffee IV drip. says the wrong things to the wrong people at the wrong time, all the time. does the wrongs things, period, sometimes with a right heart.  

The music I fancy:

humpback oak, jack johnson and mayday. humpback oak's a local band that has already disbanded years ago, but their song writing was fantastic. It is mildly depressing but sometimes also brings a smile on your face. Jack Johnson - he sings with a weird accent and his guitar playing is simple, but the words hide a story. May Day - a taiwanese band, with sometimes very meaningful and provoking lyrics, beautiful tunes and a heck of telepathy.  

And I really dig:

God. good music. my friends. the Bible (not the scary bits haha). funny words. an sms. an overseas call from a relative or friend. my grandma (who can't understand a word I say because I don't speak her dialect, but just asks me to eat all the time, and smiles smiles and smiles). finishing a good jam (the music, not jar). good food. good service. the sunset. the sunrise. everyone genuinely happy (not at others' expense). my cat. working until 3 in the morning making myself crazy, but having the office to myself.

So erm... hi?

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