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So, I'm on the way home...

I'm on the bus home.

Ok, actually this bus can bring me home but I'm going for a late dinner with my Ang Moh, James. I call him my Ang Moh so I can claim stake as being his SPG... *looks in the mirror* alright, good looks and figure is subjective ok?!

Now, James and I have an odd friendship. We have certain rituals. Mostly involving me calling him fat and getting smacked for it. He's actually my late dinner buddy. ie Dinner after 930pm, where kids are already being put to bed and the clubs are going to admit people for a good time.

Late dinners are good. Well, not good for the body (so says some scientists who spent the 4 years in college having no fun), but good for my career and mental health. You see, I suffer from sibeisianwhyamIstillatworktitis. As much as I am a workaholic, having to face work that provide no adrenaline (ie deadlines are not within 24 hours but a healthy 2 day or more) sometimes can bring so much dread. And having too much of that adrenaline brings on another illness, the more known WTFTHEREISONONLY2HOURSLEFTWTFAMIDOINGtitus (caps are necessary), which can induce strokes, lung cancer and Idon'tfriendyouliaotitus among other things. In short, having dinner at 930pm ensures I stay in the office until a healthy 9pm, which allows me to clear my work.

That involved scrubbing labels of my cubicle (don't ask. seriously.) today.

Anyway, so James is this localised Brit. This means he retains all the bad traits of being a Brit and gains all the bad traits of being a Singaporean. In your face, colonolisation! He now natively swears cheebye and exclaims in Wah Lau Eh (he can work on the pronounciation a bit though). He can almost fancies the smell of Durian... but finds the texture too mushy. *sniff* I'm so proud of him.

So... I stop finding it surprising when we converse on a Monday about a late(r) dinner, and he informs me that he is having this terrible headache from a hangover. Nope, not surprising at all, even if this conversation takes place on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... you get the drift. For all you Singaporeans who think Singapore is boring, let this Brit show you where the fun is!

The thing about this Brit is that I really enjoy his company. I find it odd that he crossed nations and ended up being a really good friend, one of those you can really talk to about anything and not worry about it being repeated. His objective advice always comes across tactful and soft, so you actually think about it.

Well, I'm reaching my bus stop now. Time for dinner!

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I cannot help but find this so heartwarming and funny at the same time. Cheers to great friendships!




where's the post about the husband number 2?

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