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Too long for Twitter

Yes yes I know. Haven't blogged enough.


To coin the words of one of my favourite bloggers, sometimes you have no mouth but must scream. However, sometimes you have something to say but too long for Twitter but not emo enough for Tumblr.

So I'm adding this new tag called shortstuff, documenting things no one wants to hear but I'm 自恋 enough to blog about...

Shall I start?

Social media is eating into my life. When trying to describe hi-ball glasses, such as to a client, I almost always type tumblr instead of water tumblers (don't ask me why we say tumblers. Somehow "water glasses" don't work and "water goblet" evoke a mental image of well, literally a water goblet.

That's it. Does this work for you, O Neglected Blog?

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Scarlett Ting



oblimey! all these while I thought a High Ball is something else (Hurricane glass) and I initially thought you posted the wrong pic of a Collins glass instead.

Alamak. iGabra.

The OldLee

it's largely interchangable.

Rarely do institutions stock ALL of the glasses, except the very very focused and/or old school bars.

Most barmen nowadays cannot tell the difference.

Technically some of the "highball" glasses now are actually Collin glasses.

It's interesting, isn't it? :)

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