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Everything changed. Nothing changed.

It's coming to the end of the year. Every year, as I grow older (yea, duh, genius), time seems to pass by faster and faster.

This is the year of remarkable change for me.

Much has happened in 2012. I've made new friends, I've lost old ones. I've rediscovered some old passions and discovered new ones. I've lost focus on what was important, and I've realised what was important. I made full use of my time, I've learnt to not do everything at once (even for leisure) and burnt out.

It's 2.38am. I am aware that my writing is crappy right now and that I might actually really kick myself when I read this post in the future. But, well.

Physically, I've grown younger. Really, I am serious. For some reason, my body has decided to grant me the miraculous gift of "youth marks", also known as acne. It started out as a huge one, then it invited its friends and squatted on my face. Then it got better for a while, but recently, it's come out in full force.

I've made really good friends, new ones, people that I hope will be friends for life. I've grown closer to old friends, people that I need to continue staying in touch with. I've lost some friends, people whom I dearly miss but have decided that I am not worth their time nor friendship.

I found a really good job. It also turned out really crappy, but I enjoy the actual job which is satisfying. But the crappiness is quickly overtaking the happiness, so I might exit this position, depending on the situation.

And there were changes in the family. But I won't dwell on that.

So yes, I am aware of the irony. After a whole year, where almost everything changed, nothing has changed.

I can say, however, with great certainty, that I would have changed the way I did some things. But there is no time machine or Ctrl-Z in life, and everything has already happened. I am now richer from it, and one takes the bad with the good right?

So no, I will not stop loving and living to avoid pain. Because, then, you would not have loved or lived at all.

Have a great 2013, people. I love you.

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