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Who are you fighting for?

If you had one year to live
How would you proceed?
Would you list all the things
That you never had the time to do

Would you sail through the world
See the sky and moon and mountains
Visit all the seven wonders
Swim in the deep blue ocean

If you had one month to live
How would you proceed?
Would you gather all your friends
And spend all your time with them

Would you sit thru all the parties
Listen to all their stories
Remember all the laughter you shared
And all the tears you once shed

If you had one day to live
How would you proceed?
Would you seek out your family
And hug them for one last time

Would you laugh with your nephews
Have a grand dinner with your parents
Wrestle with your siblings
And kiss your lover on his lips

If you had just today to live
How would you proceed?

I was suddenly inspired to write this. I've become quite aware of my friends' struggles in life - and mine. We fight everyday. With our dreams, aspiration and goals, sometimes we forget what we are fighting for. What are we fighting for? And who are we fighting for?

You. And me. I fight for you and me.

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